Book Review: Simple Prosperity

I’ve been struggling on where to put this book review, you see the book have a bit of an environmental edge to it, but not enough to go in the usual Green Spot post slot.  So what to do?  Screw it.  I’m just writing the review and you can make up your own mind.

Simple Prosperity by David Wann is a interesting book to read since he touches on so many issues primarily from a simplicity point of view.  Basically the general idea is screw all the excess stuff in our lives and let’s rather cut back on that and do what works better for people.  So overall the idea is to get better relationships, spend less money on crap, have more time to do what you want and perhaps actually appreciate the natural world around you.  I like the fact he points out there really isn’t just one way to do this, but rather drops in references from various people’s experience and what works for them.

Perhaps one of the sections that good me to really understand David’s point of view was when he discussed success.  You see his mother was concerned that because he wasn’t make much money at the time that he wasn’t successful.  David pointed out despite having some lean years of income, he had also completed some very important projects to him included a documentary film and another book both called Affluenza. So he pointed out depending on your scale you could call him either a failure from not having a high income or incredible well off since he had enough money for him and was doing what he loved.  Success as people typically define it is a large paycheque, big house, nice cars and a pile of debt and he wasn’t that, but he didn’t mind at all.  This I can relate to as I’ve never been into the standard scale of success myself.

In some regards it has some common elements with Your Money or Your Life, but in others it is a completely different book.  On one hand he discusses ways to save money which is similar and on the other he discusses a wide range of things that are important to a healthy lifestyle: personal growth, good relationships, helping others, being involved and having time for all of these things. Also the entire book has  a bit of ‘green’ edge to it, but he doesn’t get dragged down in it for the most part.

Overall I was impressed with the book in regards of his coverage of various topics all under the point of view of a simple life.  I would be sold, if I were already half way there myself.  So it is worth a borrow from the library if you can find a copy and need some ideas on how to live a bit more balanced existence.

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    It is a true story about a widowed woman who found a way to live frugally so she could remain living on Van Is rather than move back east after losing her husband.

    To help make ends meet, during the summers she rented out her house on Van Is and lived on a small boat with her five children. They only carried one set of clothes etc.

    The stories are mainly about their interesting boating travels but without intending to do so she has documented an excellent example of how to enjoy life while living frugally.


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