What Do You Want?

It seems like a simple question: what do you want?  Yet under the surface of the obvious answer of  “a Coke please” in some situations, there is the second deeper one “what do you want out your life?”

At times I think that answer to that question is simple, other times I’m not so sure.  The answer depends on the day and what I’m in the mood for.  Yet in early retirement the question is far more important.  After all what does a man do with a limited budget and nearly unlimited time?

Simple: what ever he wants.  So the question sudden becomes more pressing to me lately and I’m starting to realize the implication of the question.  In retirement I won’t just be or just do anything one thing.  I will follow where my passions lead that day, week, month or year.

So one year I  might finish a book.  Another year I might travel a bit more.  Another year I might learn a new language.  Another year I might run for an elected office.  Another I might actually get a job to just learn something new and get paid for it.  Another year I might just build one beautiful piece of furniture.  Another I might finally get better at my paintings.

You get the picture.  Retirement isn’t a single picture or moment but rather an on going journey to find out today: what do you want?  So what’s your answer right now if you want unlimited time and a modest budget?

6 thoughts on “What Do You Want?”

  1. This article seems to imply that retirement is doing what you love?

    Life’s too short to wait until some point in the future to do what you love. What’s stopping you from doing that now?

  2. I will admit I fear retirement a touch, only becuase I know a steady day job where I am responsible for showing up in a timely – regular fashion and keeping myself presentable, keeps me from becoming an afternoon drunkard.

    This is what I fear most, myself 🙂

  3. As you said, definitely travel, as much as possible.

    Running for local office also sounds very interesting. At the least, getting active with local boards, book clubs, the gardening club, the historical society….

    Volunteering at a local animal shelter. Reading a biography of every American president, starting with Washington and ending with….? Visiting every national park in the country. Enjoying the good life. I deprive myself now so i can enjoy myself when i’m older.

  4. i might add, in response to another reader’s question, that most of these things i can’t do now due to lack of time that my job, and its commute eats up.

  5. Graham,

    I’ll echo Fern’s comment. Time is a bit of an issue. Between kids, job and the basics of life (making food, laundry, etc). It is hard to find the time to do everything you want.

    I do agree that you can start doing some things now, but you have to accept a somewhat limited scope.


    Fear of yourself?!? That is an interesting one, but I do get the basic idea. You would need to invent a structure to ensure you actually got anything done in a day.


  6. lol. Yes CD, I guess what I was saying is that I seem to thrive with an imposed structure of some sort in my life. Like a German Shepherd, I need to be exercised or else I chew up your new leather furniture.

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