Well my vacation was enjoyable except for one major issue.  I didn’t do what I had planned for almost half of it.  You see I was suppose to go camping for a full week during my vacation, we managed only to get two days of camping in the mountains.  The weather turned cold (ie: over night lows of 7 C and high of 11C) and very wet (50 mm or more of rain).  So we pulled the plug on camping and returned home and tried out a staycation,  a vacation at home.

Overall I was a little disappointed to have to cut our camping short, but it was easy to shift to a staycation instead.  We already had meals planned so we just came home put the food in the fridge and proceeded  to plan out which tourist sites we were going to visit wit the rest of our vacation cash.

In the end I went to the local science center, RCMP museum and a short drive to Moose Jaw to see the heritage museum on transportation.  I also managed to finally see Star Trek in the cheap movie theater.  Overall cost including gas was $80 and everyone in the family enjoyed themselves.  So for being the back up plan, it worked out great.

So how do you have a good staycation?  Well this is what I learned from mine.

  1. Make Sure You Are Left Alone.  We didn’t tell anyone we were back other than who was looking after our house.  It’s no good to try and relax with everyone stopping over, so we just didn’t tell everyone we came back early until we ran into them.
  2. Don’t Work Too Much.  I had a mountain of jobs I could have done around the house during my staycation.  I ignored 95% of them while I was here.  I did water the plants and cut the lawn, but those are harder to ignore without having dead plants and an overgrown lawn at the end of it.
  3. Treat Yourself.  We then proceeded to indulge ourselves a bit more than usual.  We ate a bit more of dessert and drank a bit more than usual.  It was great.

So overall it is possible to have a good vacation at home, but it does take some planning.  Make sure you decide what you are going to do and more importantly not do during it and then get out your routine a bit.  I would also highly recommend having a meal plan done in advance, we found not having to think about what to cook each night was a great way to help focus on relaxing.

So have you done a staycation?  If so what did you learn from your experience?  If not, why haven’t you tried one?