Green Spot: Going Organic

Let’s face it organic products cost more and on a net environment basis they may not be all that useful.  After all is it better to eat something organic that traveled 1500 km to get to your plate or go to the farmer’s market and buy local food that is organic in everything but name?

I tend to follow the second route and buy local nearly organic products.  To date I’ve switched most of my fresh veggies over to nearly organic over the summer, we eat free range chicken eggs most of the time and I’m currently trying some nearly organic beef.   This is what I’ve learned from our experience to date.

  1. Eggs.  We noticed a significant improvement in the free range eggs over our regular ones at the store.  Much more flavour and the price premium is less than $0.50 per dozen eggs.  I highly recommend switching if you can find a supplier.
  2. Veggies.  To be honest I consider the nearly organic nature of our veggies a nice bonus, I really buy the stuff because of the freshness.  After all it is hard to beat the taste when the food been out of the ground for at most two days when I get it.
  3. Meat.  I’ve often heard that buying organic meat is a good choice, but so far I’ve yet to notice much of a difference other than the extra cost.  Yet to be honest this is a rather new choice for us, so I’m giving it a bit more time before making a final judgment.

To date I’ve not done much for organic fruit so I don’t really have an opinion yet on that.  In general I tend to support local over organic, because of the relationship issues.  I get to know my farmer and I feel good supporting his farm as it grows.

4 thoughts on “Green Spot: Going Organic”

  1. The difference in meat flavour is more affected by feed than raising practices. Grass-fed vs grain-fed vs feed-fed, etc.. If there are options at your farmers market, try a few.

    Also, try some of the non-traditional meats. Elk, bison, boar, etc.. They’re often leaner and more flavourful than their regular alternatives.

  2. As it’s been explained to me, one of the reasons that organic meats are recommended is that the toxins/antibiotics etc. are more readily stored in the fatty tissue. It’s not as easy as washing fruits/veggies to clean off any residual chemical treatments.

  3. We tried something else concerning the meat.

    Try not only replacing the meat with organic meat, but also try to eat less meat.

    We skipped the meat and became (parttime) vegetarians. It saved lots of money, so we could spend that on the more expensive organic/local food. If there were moments we really wanted to eat meat, we bought the organic meat.

    It had many advantages, our cooking skills improved drastically, since we had to be creative without the meat, which is fun. And as an extra bonus, we lost a lot of (over)weight!! 🙂

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