Net Worth – June 2009

Well this update is a touch early, but I likely won’t be near a computer to do this calculation later this month, so I took the values as of this morning and adjusted a few of them to reflect the end of the month.  So I adjusted the mortgage value and then some expected contributions before month end.


House $312,800
RRSP $19,900
LIRA $9,100
TFSA $6,100
Pension $7,900
Wife’s RRSP $10,000
Wife’s Investment Account $4,800
Wife’s TFSA $5,600
My Investment Account $5,100
High Interest Savings Account $3,500

Mortgage $132,800

Therefore my net worth now stands at $252,000 for the end of June 2009. That is an increase of $13,300 or 5.6% from my last update.  Of that my investment net worth was $72,000 which was an increase of $11,000 or 18%.

So first off I didn’t touch my house value from last time.  The market is still fairly slow here and values haven’t moved that much since last time.  We also started paying down the mortgage so you will likely see the mortgage value continue drop a bit faster in the future.

The big news on this update was the jump in my investment net worth which came up 18%.  Some of this was contributions, but it was bulkly an increasing market that has raised this value up.  Obviously this value is very sensitive to markets so who knows if it will keep rising till the end of the year or not.

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2 thoughts on “Net Worth – June 2009”

  1. Slight correction req. Your net worth is not 252K. Its 126k since your house and assets are jointly owned. Just pray you don’t have to get divorced either since you would likely liquidate your main assets for a greater writedown.

  2. Britme,

    I’ve always calculated ‘my’ net worth as a family. One of my major goals is to get my wife and I to early retirement, hence everything is joint from the early retirement calculations to the net worth.


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