The Winner & Wander Reading

Well sorry for the suspense on the book give-a-way.  I had forgotten to draw the name yesterday.  The winner was Valerie.  Thanks for all the ideas everyone.  I’ll start working on them into posts over the next few weeks.

On to the links:

0.1% Inflation – Wow, we are so close to going negative except for gas prices. *sigh*

We bailed out the auto sector, now pulp, and I’m hearing talk of a farmers seeking some bailout for a poor crop this year.  When will this ever end?

More proof that we suck at predicting how happy money makes us and that your income doesn’t limit your happiness.  If anything a middle class person stands a better chance of being happy than those making $125,000/year.

ERE has an interesting post on how to spend very little money.

Preet just got even more famous (beyond the book and blogger thing).  He’s now on TV.

Modern Gal points out, just unplug it already.

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