Vacation Notice & Give-a-Way

So I’m taking a two week vacation later this summer and I’m trying to come up with some post ideas or even guest posts for that period.  So far the brainstorming has been a little weak.  I blame the book on sucking up my creative juice lately.  In addition, I have a copy of Kerry’s 397 Ways to Save Money to give a way so I thought I would combine the two.

So to enter to win a copy of Kerry’s book you have to provide a comment with one of the following:

  • A post or series of posts idea
  • A question
  • Or volunteer to do a guest post

Now I’ll be honest here, you don’t have to provide a good idea or question, just something.  I’m just curious what I’ll get from this and it may help my brainstorming of ideas.  Please leave a comment by June 16, 2009 by 8pm CST to win.  Contest open to all residents of North America and you must provide a valid email for me to contact you if you win.  Winner will be picked by random number generator.

Good luck and have fun.

11 thoughts on “Vacation Notice & Give-a-Way”

  1. A question I’ve had lately is that as my savings grow and my mortgage shrinks, I’ll be at the point where the two are equal amounts in about a year. This has me wondering wether I’m better off investing money or paying the mortgage?

  2. Wondering if I would be better off financially if I sold my second car and used cabs, transit, rental cars instead. Often my second vehicle will sit in the garage for days at a time without me ever driving it.

  3. Damn, coming up with an idea on the spot is hard.

    How about you read a book while on vacation and make a review? Perhaps the new one about Warren Buffett?

  4. It is hard to come up with something. I’ve been wondering recently about the value of adding annuities to my retirement plan. Do they make sense, and for whom. For example, I’ve got a generous defined benefit pension so I don’t know that I need to have more “guarenteed” income in retirement if the cost is too high but for someone without an indexed, defined benefit pension do annuities make good sense?

  5. Good idea for enter the contest. This way there will be a lot less entries which means better probability for me!

    Let’s see …
    I’d love to see a series of posts on traveling on the cheap.

    How to find the cheapest tickets? Is the best? How about Air Miles, etc?

    Is “Couch Surfing?” safe or worth the risk? How to find a good deal on hotels.

    You could branch out and talk about camping. (I can’t believe some campsites are almost $50/site for a tent no less!)

    Ok, there’s my brainstorm.

    Good luck!

  6. Forgive me if you’ve already done this but how about something on Canadian tax rebates for homeowners (perhaps specifically the new reno rebate that everyone is flogging – even IKEA is telling you how to do it). Yet another reason to save receipts!

  7. I’d like to see some posts on negotiation tactics, particularly negotiating with service companies to lower your bills (i.e. phone, mobile, TV).

    I might even be able to put together a guest post on the topic – I’ve had some success in this area recently.

  8. I’m a new mom. Can you tell me how I can save money despite the fact of having another person in the household to feed and clothe?

  9. how about posting on ways to make your holidays tax deductable…. say you buy a few acres of swamp land in florida…. can you do an annual trip to check on the investment ?
    … my suggestion may be weak… but I hope it is good enough to get the book

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