Helping Others

Now when trying to get more happiness in your life most people don’t think of helping others as a means to get there.  After all it does seem counter initiative that helping someone else would have a benefit for you, but it usually does.  Helping others usually makes you feel good and puts your own life in perspective.  In addition once you retire you can often put more time into helping others for causes you already like to do.

Now how you help someone else comes in various forms and ways.  Some common ones include:

  • Give some money to a cause or charity or buy something for a fund raiser
  • Participate in a activity to raise money for a cause or charity (runs, walks, bake sales, etc)
  • Volunteer with an organization (schools, church, charity, etc)
  • Help friends or family with tasks or projects or donations

I most fond of doing the last one.  Why?  It has to do with my own past.  When our first son was born ten weeks early we had a huge amount of support from family and friends.  So I feel debt of gratitude to everyone around me.  As such I will often lend a hand at just about any project where I have the time to help or give away or borrow something someone else will find useful.  It my way of saying thank you to others and I tend to like to do things with a personal touch. It what works for me.

For other people their schedules are to the breaking point so giving money is easier for them.  I don’t mind that at all.  It’s about what you can do, when you can do and what works for you. Often our choices of what we support are personal in nature.  A grandfather died of certain disease might make you support one charity over another.  There isn’t a ‘right’ way to help people.  The point is rather that you do it in your own way.

5 thoughts on “Helping Others”

  1. I enjoy giving my time to help others as well. I don’t have much to give in terms of money, but I find when I am personally involved in the project, you get a greater sense of accomplishment whether it be building the local playground or simply helping an elderly neighbour rake their lawn.

  2. I do the first and the last one the most often. I donate a large portion of my income to a religous organization that I feel helps me and others as well. I also donate to various charities that people are involved with. Whether it be directly or indirectly.

    The latter I find that donating my time is often more rewarding to me then just giving money. (In the words of Seinfeld, Not that there is anything wrong with that) But for me personally, I don’t have a ton of friends but the ones I do I feel I have very good relationships with. I will often drive 1 1/2hrs to help out family or friends in need because they are almost always there when I need them so it gets returned in kind many time over for me. Plus it feels good to be involved with something that makes a difference in someones life.


  3. Tim, another great way to help others is by donating blood.

    My wife and I have decided instead of donating money to a charity blood is much more valuable. It helps a lot of really sick people. It’s a simple thing anyone can do a couple or more times a year without taking too much time.

    While you’re at it you should consider signing up as a bone marrow doner. It’s more of a once in a lifetime situation because the chances of being matched are slim (which is why registering is so important). But for me being offered the slim chance to save someone’s life is an opportunity I don’t want to miss.

  4. Jordan,

    Oh yes, that is good one. I’ve fallen out of the habit of donating blood. I should get back to it.


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