Investing by Your Bills

I realized the other day we have a bit of theme to our individual investments, most of them match our bills.  To my mind it sort of makes sense.  A repeating bill implies long term relationship with customers and potential good cash flow in my mind.  Obviously you still have to check the underlining business to see if it makes sense to you, but that’s always part of investing.

To show you what I mean here is a list of bills and stocks either I or my wife owns:

Phone / Internet Bill – MBT

Power Bill / Water Bill – APF.UN

Mortgage/ Investing Fees – BMO

Natural Gas Bill / Gas for Car / Real Estate – EIT.UN

Real Estate (Mall shopping) – REI.UN

Booze – CDL.B (Ok, it’s not  a bill, but still a spending habit)

Perhaps the only one I’m really missing some exposure to is groceries/consumer goods.  Yet generally those areas can be fairly low margins so I’m concerned about finding something that will provide a decant return.  In addition, the competition is fairly fierce in those areas so I’m a bit leery that I’ll have to monitor that investment too closely.  Any ideas on what I should look at?

So do your investments have any themes?  If so, what?  Thanks for sharing.

4 thoughts on “Investing by Your Bills”

  1. In the groceries/consumer goods, you might have to look South to the U.S.

    Think about PepsiCo (food, juices and snacks) and Procter & Gamble (soap, shampoo, etc.)

  2. Have a look at Colabor CLB.UN they supply groceries to stores (shipping/delivery) and currently pay about 10%/year. Was recommended by the globe and mail last spring.

  3. i’m just curious why you have Corby B stocks instead of Corby A. I personally have the A, but I don’t know the difference between the 2, other than the A have voting rights.

    do you?


  4. That’s an interesting concept. However you should also invest in industries whose products you might not use, but yet you need exposure for diversification purposes.
    For example I own shares in Altria as well as Phillip Morris International, but I am not a smoker.

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