Wander Reading #19

Ah, another link post.  Enjoy the reading.

Similar to yesterday’s theme, JD tells the tale of The Miser’s Peril.

Syd tells us about living in the moment and how you really don’t change that much in retirement.

Fox of Squawkfox tells us her real name is Kerry (and she has a book coming out too).

Steve of Brip Blap tells us he prefers meaningful work to early retirement.  I’m bias, I’m just planning on doing both.

Modern Gal has a five step plan to a high salary.  It’s truthful and I can say that since I’ve used some of these tips myself.

2 thoughts on “Wander Reading #19”

  1. Thanks for the link. It’s interesting to read the different approaches to early retirement out there. In many ways, I wish all of these blogs were around a decade ago so I could read the comparisons.

  2. Hi Canadian Dream! Thanks so much for the link! I must admit, writing my introduction post after blogging for well over a year was scary and FUN! 😀

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