Net Worth – April 2009

Ok, I have to confess.  With all the bad news for such a long time I’ve completely ignored my net worth for the full two months between posts so even for me this is all new.  So here’s the breakdown.


House $312,800
RRSP $18,900
LIRA $8,800
TFSA $5,400
Pension $6,000
Wife’s RRSP $9,400
Wife’s Investment Account $5,000
My Investment Account $4,700
High Interest Savings Account $2,800

Mortgage $135,300

Therefore my net worth now stands at $238,700 for the end of April 2009. That is an increase of $22,700 or 10.5% from my last update.  Of that my investment net worth was $61,000 which was an increase of $7500 or 14%.

Up?!? What is the whole net worth going up thing?  I was starting to forget what this feels like after the last while.  I’m used to sideways or down.  So what happened?  Well a few things.  First the local real estate market is coming back to life and shifting values back up as houses start to move again.  Then the stock markets slowly drifting up and some savings have help bring the investment net worth back up.

Also I previously mentioned that the HELOC is now paid off again.  My wife’s TFSA funding is in transfer so until that is offically opened I chose to show it under the High Interest Account.  Also this statement doesn’t include my tax refund since I have yet to recieve that money yet.

The other future bit of news is my wife’s daycare is opening back up next month so with that extra cash flow the net worth should hopeful keep us making some progress regardless over the rest of the year.  Overall this was nice surprise of an update.