Second Goal Down in 2009


Did you hear that?  That was me finishing off another of my goals for 2009.  My LOC balance is now at zero!  It’s amazing how satisfying clicking a mouse can be sometimes.  I originally wanted to finish that off closer to the summer, but I decided I wanted to just finish up since my tax return was a bit bigger than I planned on.

In addition the paper work for my wife’s TFSA is finally in the mail.  So once that is all cleared up and her stock is moved over that goal will also be done since I’ve already funded my TFSA.

Now with those two goals down I’m just down to one goal: contribute $25,000 to my pension, RRSP, TFSA’s and taxable accounts.  I haven’t been tracking this goal yet this year, but I should now go back and reconstruct how much I’ve added so far to our accounts.  I know this one is going to take close to the end of the year to finish since it is a challenging one for me to meet.

So if you track your goals, how are you doing?

4 thoughts on “Second Goal Down in 2009”

  1. Congrats on knocking another goal off the list!

    I don’t track my goals specifically but both my husband and I fully funded our TFSAs. We also both want to start chipping away at our investment loans (we both have some smaller $30K loans we want to blow out as soon as the market recovers this year) but we haven’t started that yet. I want to be able to put away $10K this year for a “baby” fund and technically I’ve done it already as I have a rather high cash component in non registered assets. Other than that, we both want to max out our RRSPs but I usually contribute to a group plan through work with my year end bonus, so I have to wait until December to figure out what bonus I get.

  2. It’s a surprise to me too that I am acheiving my financial goals while the economy is apparently in tatters.
    I have paid off three of five revolving debts, have increased our mortgage payments, and started putting away more in RRSPs. Our net worth increased by 186% over the last two months; crazy no?

    Next; pay off final two revolving debts and start building that emergency fund.

  3. JoT,

    It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it regardless of everything else.

    Keep up the good work,

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