Wander Reading #18

Ah, I forgot to publish this yesterday.  So my apologies to everyone.

Well this week was someone interesting for some bits.  Here’s what I’ve been reading.

The Bank of Canada has pushed the interest rate down to a mere 0.25%.

FT writes a good post on some lessons he has learned.

On a similar note Brip Blap talks about why I spend.

CC gives a great reading list.  There are even a few I haven’t read yet.  Mmm, where is my library card?

Jacob over at ERE interviews a 35 year old retiree.

Moneygardener points out the banks may not be such a good buy, in fact they are looking frothy.

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    Your welcome.


    Late?!? I’m not late, I’m just very delayed or perhaps forgetful. *grin*


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