Wander Reading #16

Well it’s another week gone by and here’s what I thought was interesting reading.

It’s interesting that the US rejected the auto-maker’s plans to restructure and Canada followed, but still gave them $4 billion.  Aren’t we tired of bailouts yet?

The US House is set to release a draft version of their cap and trade bill.  It should be interesting to see if there is any real details in the draft, since the impact is usually mostly based on weather you allocate or auction the credits.

Brip Blap talks about giving up on your career.

Tim Ferris has some tips on automating your money.

Preet has an interesting lead on financial advisor suicide.

FT asks is your home an investment?

One thought on “Wander Reading #16”

  1. The stock market is, from a practical point of view, a random walk for the majority of people. This I suspect includes the vast majority of Financial Advisors. Its not that severe bear markets can’t be predicted but that is the reality for most people. Too bad they are killing themselves over it.

    Maybe the stock market and the “real probability” of bear markets should be a topic in the high school math curriculum.


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