Green Spot: Screw Saving the Planet

According to a lot of smart people the world is ending.  Melting ice caps? Check.  Shifting climate conditions? Check.  Economic collapse? Are we already in that one? Ok close enough, check.  So with all this going on some people say “We have to do X to save the planet.”

I hate that phrase.  I mean every time I hear it I almost say “Screw saving the planet!” to the overly arm waving person telling me what to do. The whole ‘save the planet’ phrase has a certain religious over tone that just makes my skin itch.  I want to tell them that you know what we don’t need to save the planet.  Why?  Because regardless of what we do some life will likely exist on this rock after we have managed to drive ourselves into extinction.  We may be screwed but the planet will continue on just fine without us.  It doesn’t need to be saved.

Instead let’s be more practical shall we.

  • Do you like your life? As you haven’t committed suicide and your reading this I’m going to assume your answer is: yes.
  • If you have off spring, do you like them (most of the time)?  As they are not murdered by you yet, let’s assume that answer is yes.
  • Would you like to have more money and likely be happier?  I will assume you would like that.

So here’s the trick to be richer and happier: STOP WASTING STUFF.  That’s it and it cover every possible issue or concept in environmental protection that you need to act on.  From ‘should you buy a smaller car next time’ to ‘using a reusable bag at the store’ today.  No complex ethics or soul searching required.  You don’t even need to understand the issues all that much.  All you need to do is ask two questions: am I wasting stuff?  How can I waste less stuff?

So save the guilt and screw saving the planet.  Be entirely selfish and be happier and richer instead.  Now isn’t that a little easier?

5 thoughts on “Green Spot: Screw Saving the Planet”

  1. I love it too… what’s good for the planet is good for our health and our pocketbooks.. excellent piece 😉

  2. That’s about as simple as you can make it. The problem is that someone is sitting in there toasty warm house, in shorts, not realizing how much they are wasting at this moment, because they have no ability for analytic thought.

  3. Chad,

    True. You can’t get everyone to change, but then again isn’t that what evolution is about? If there stupid enough they will kill themselves somehow. Or in this case they will have to change to keep up with a carbon tax of some kind. If not they will find themselves broke.


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