Net Worth Post – Feb 2009

Ok, being sick really kicked the crap out of me that last few days.  So this is up late, but at least it’s up.  I’m starting to feel better so hopefully things get back to more normal next week.


House $299,000
RRSP $17,600
LIRA $8,100
TFSA $2,900
Pension $4,600
Wife’s RRSP $8,600
Wife’s Investment Account $6,100
My Investment Account $5,500
High Interest Savings Account $1,500

Mortgage $136,500
HELOC $1,400

Therefore my net worth now stands at $216,000 for the end of February 2009. That is an decrease of $3600 or 1.6% from my last update.

So a few comments on the numbers.  First off I closed off my old pension accounts and move them to the RRSP’s.  I’ve also opened a TFSA at Questrade in my name and put some money in there as well (my wife’s TFSA will likely happen next month).  I also paid down the HELOC.  Hence all the values look different as money got shifted around.

Then I had a horrible time trying to come up with a house value.  The market is very flat right now so this is my best guest based on some very rough comparsion houses in the area.  I didn’t find anything that close, so it’s a best guess and possibly on the low side, but I rather be lower than higher in this market.

In general I think it was a very good idea to remove my net worth from any of my goals this year as it continues to swing around by a fair amount depending on the local housing and stock markets.  I continue to pick up the odd position in a specific stock, but otherwise I’ve just be sitting tight.

2 thoughts on “Net Worth Post – Feb 2009”

  1. Im in my 30’s with a stay home wife with 2 kids. I’ve seen older friends who lost ” or are down” a lot of money from the stock market.Our income is pretty in saskatchewan has been helpful because the low cost of living.
    my questions is . are a lot of people still investing a lot in stocks
    with the banks not lending money are your friends having it tough to borrow?


  2. Chad,

    I’m still investing in some stocks. I’ve slowed down on how much I’m putting in and picking very specific stocks.

    As to the banks, I have yet to hear of anyone I know having issues getting a loan.


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