Green Spot: Vision and Dreams

Within a few days now we are going to see an interesting few weeks start to roll out.  Obama is going to take office in the US and be sitting in front of the world’s biggest mess.  Then the week afterward the Canadian government introduces it’s budget and we get to find out if the opposition either defeats the government and dumps us in another election or the opposition coalition gives a try on running the government or just pass the budget.

In both countries I’m dreaming that things turn out alright in the long haul, but I have to admit I have my doubts.  Yet Obama I’m less worried about.  Why?  He at least has a vision.  He knows where I wants the country to go and at least a rough idea on how to get it there.  In Canada I’ve yet to see anyone display a shred of vision.  We blindly follow policies that sound nice in isolation, but really don’t get us anywhere in the big picture.

Hell in Canada the lack of vision is so bad the current government given up coming up with their own CO2 legislation and have basically said they are just going to copy what ever the US does.  This lack of vision is disturbing to say the least since it could get us sucked into a poor agreement for Canada.  Yes, any change is going to be expensive, but that was going to happen anyway as infrastructure gets older and needs to be replaced.  Yet without any guidance for the last few years all the government has done is shove the change into a more narrow window, which in the long run is just going to increase prices even faster.

There are no easy choices or solutions.  Stop looking for them, they don’t exist.  There are going to be winners and losers regardless of the choice.  So stop whining about it and get a move on.  If you want to stimulate the enconomy just roll out some CO2 regulations.  You are going to see a huge amount of spending in a very short window and not to mention some serious job creation.  Are there going to be job loses in some industries? You bet, but guess what right now doing nothing those jobs are still at risk anyways.

Life sucks some times, let’s be proactive for a change of pace and perhaps get a little vision.  Or more likely not. At least I can dream about it.

4 thoughts on “Green Spot: Vision and Dreams”

  1. Hear hear! Canadian Dream for President! ;o)

    Joking aside, I agree with you completely. The lack of vision in our politicians is what makes it so hard for us to get interested in politics.

    Or maybe they do have a vision, but just don’t want to share it with the voters…

  2. Good thoughts. Definitely there is no vision out there. Instead of throwing billions at GM & Chrysler, they should be working with home grown electric vehicle companies like ZENN (plus no union in the way), and help develop green energy mfg plants for wind, sun, etc. power. No vision of the future exists in our political landscape, Federal or Provincial. Even in the industry where I work Transport Canada just does whatever their US counterparts say!, I see it everyday working with them and it makes me sick, it has even gotten to the point that they make decisions without even asking Transport Canada. It’s even more said because a few large American companies are pushing the agenda and it will mean once everything is put in place the few small Canadian companies we have making this stuff at toast. I like Americans but by doing this it makes us lose face in the bigger picture.

  3. How about instead of taxing an essential substance for all life on earth we tax pollution instead, excess packaging, and conspicuous consumption.

  4. As an American, I’d prefer Canadians make their own decisions without looking to the USA.

    We could each learn from each other. The more ideas in the pot, the better.

    @Traciatim, I couldn’t agree with you more. All three are important, but my personal pet peeve is EXCESS PACKAGING.

    Best Regards,

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