Introduction to the Blog

Ok, I realize with a New Year and a sudden jump in new readers recently I should likely give a little introduction to the blog.  After all its evolved a long way in the last two years.

So what’s Canadian Dream: Free at 45 about?

Well the main thrust of the blog is a dream of mine to become financially independent by my 45 birthday (I’m 30 now).  So there is a fair about of discussion about early retirement planning and investing. Yet with all those extra decades of retirement planned I’m also want to ensure I’m happy then and now as well.  So happiness tend to come up a fair amount as well (See the Must Read Posts for some samples).

Then during last year I started a regular feature on Friday’s called the Green Spot which deals with the environment.  Now some of those posts are about just saving money on your consumption while others talk about ideas to change the world.  All in all the goal with them isn’t to make you feel guilty (like most environmentalists) but rather provide some information and hopefully be entertaining.

Who the hell are you?

Hi, I’m Tim.  I’m married with two small kids and my day job is a engineer for a power utility company in Regina, SK.  I’ve got a rather obsessive tendency to read a lot and write lot.  So the blog was a natural outlet for my hobby obsession about personal finance.  I’ve been interviewed by the Globe and Mail and the National Post and I also feature interviews on this blog with authors and other bloggers.

Where do I sign up to read more?

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to the Blog”

  1. Thanks for the intro Tim. Nice to learn a little more about you. I love reading your blog – I hope to reach financial independence before age 40 (maybe even 35) and am also interested in happiness in simplicity and treading lightly on the earth. So your blog combines lots of interests for me. Keep up the great writing 🙂

  2. Hi Tim, I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite a while now.

    I am also in my early 30s right now and have a plan to partially-retired before I’m 40.

    Honestly, I was a little bit late starting my financial planning; but I am still (and will always be) optimistic… 🙂

  3. Jo,

    Thanks for the nice comment. Best of luck with your goal.


    Hey, at least you are trying you are ahead of most people.


  4. Hello. Been reading your blog for a while now. Nice to see someone from SK blogging. Here in Saskatoon myself, also with 2 small kids.

    Keep up the writing. I’m in my early 30s and a still a newby to investing – last year was sure a bad year to get started!

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