It Was the Night Before the Market Recovery

It was the night before the market recovery

When all through the house,

Not a stock was trading,

Not even the child’s RESP,

All the investments were in the market with care,

In the hopes that a recovery would soon be there.

When upon my trading screen there came such a clatter,

The market was tanking,

What ever was the matter.

It must be that Saint Nick,

That lively and quick,

Mutual fund trader and toy expert.

He was tanking the market so very quick,

That the value investors were sudden out into it,

Now the momentum was building,

The rebound underway,

The mutual fund advisers were now in the fray.

Desperate for a recovery they pump in cash,

The market soar higher,

But can it last?

When failure seems near there is one last burst,

As good old Stephen opens the government purse.

It’s a recovery for now,

but will it stay?

Either way,

Enjoy your holidays.

Happy holidays to you all,

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