Working Rant

Alright.  I’ve been distracted this week by all the drama in Ottawa about who is going to be the federal government.  Yet at the same time I’m a bit mad about it.  You see in my mind we voted you guys in to run the country (which in case you don’t recall is your job).  Currently that isn’t happening as just about every thing the government is supposed to doing has grind to a halt as the grown men called ‘leaders’ bicker like children over who gets the big chair in PMO’s office.

Um, excuse me.  Could you cut back on the shouting like little kids and get back to passing some bills on rolling out that couple of billion in infrastructure spending you’ve previously put aside in your existing budget?  Or perhaps actually finish writing done the details of your CO2 regulations so people can start actually doing something about it before they take effect in 2010!  Also there is a lot of RRIF owners who need to plan how much money the need to take out of their accounts in the next 27 days!

I mean there is a whole country outside of the walls of parliament that need things to get done.  We the public had our say in the election we just finished in October.  You guys are our representatives, you have a mandate, so please get back to work. (I know this is an early retirement blog, but these guys are taking that even to extremes.  You can’t work just over two weeks and say your done.)  We the public don’t need to hear the bull crap, because you know what, we don’t get a say in this.  There is exactly one person in this entire country who decide this mess: the governor general.

So I pray you all grow up in the next day or two and get back to work, because if you force us back into an election in the middle of this economic mess you are going see something you all fear: furious and hostile voters.

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  1. I found this summary of the situation to be useful. It seems to me that there’s plenty of incompetence from all the parties – if they’d called Stephen Harper’s bluff earlier we wouldn’t be dealing with this mess now. Mind you, if Harper had been at all willing to act in accordance with the reality of leading a minority government, we wouldn’t be in this mess either.

  2. Ironically, I guess an election might get bloody Harper his majority now that his base is all fired up with Righteous Outrage. Considering the last turnout was, what, a pathetic 59% or something wonder what an Xmas election would bring. 40%?

  3. I’m just going to play devil’s advocate for a second because at heart I’m a bit of a libertarian. So I ask can government really fix the economy? Is that their job? I kind of hope that the economy will get a chance to fix itself. If that means swallowing some nasty medicine of a recession or depression maybe that will leave us better off, maybe people need a shock to realize you need to actually save money not consume and borrow and spend above your means. Maybe uselessly fighting and prolonging the problem forever will leave us worse off. Bail outs and loading future generation up with tons of debt from hand outs and make work programs aren’t a great solution.

  4. They have just postponed parliament which means the issue of the rrif is not going to get resolved and now the government has to work on a budget when it does not even know whether or not it would be able to survive. it’s sad

  5. Joel,

    Excellent link. Thanks!


    Oh well no Xmas election. I suppose we can hope the parties talk to each other a bit over the holidays.


    I agree the government can’t fix the economy by itself, but it can speed up the recover by spending or create massive change. For example, I would like to see some investment of some government cash on environmental issues or the government could pass some legislation requirements that rolls out 100 billions of dollars in investments from companies while cleaning things up.

    Either case, the bill ends up in front of the public, but at least something gets done.


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