Green Spot: Paid Parking

While reading the final offer on my new job I realized they offered a rather obscure benefit.  Since the free parking lot at the head office (where I will be working) is now full, they offer a monthly allowance to new workers to help cover the cost of parking downtown.  Which sounds nice and all until you realize they are encouraging people to drive rather than use mass transit.

After all one of the major costs of driving to work is the cost of parking downtown.  With this allowance the cost out of pocket may drop enough to make it almost an equal cost to me to either take the bus or drive (gas and parking costs only).  So will I be tempted and start driving? No.

You see driving to work for me would require a second car which is an expense I not willing to pay for.  So with the ink barely dry on my acceptance offer I’m going to stir things up and ask them to cover the cost of my bus pass instead.  After all why leave free money on the table?  Also they hired me to help control their CO2 emissions, so I’m just doing my job (actually I know the intent of the job was their major sources of emissions but technically my job description doesn’t make that distinction).

I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Have a good weekend all.

3 thoughts on “Green Spot: Paid Parking”

  1. A lot of the buildings I work on design to municipal minimums for parking, and locate near bus lines for the LEED points. You should see the reactions in the users!

    A new item in the recently-released Irish budget is a fee of E200, I think, if you park downtown for work. That one ain’t too popular either.

  2. The company I work for offers either free parking or to pay for the bus pass. I doubt you’ll have any problem getting them to pay for yours — it may actually be cheaper for them.

  3. With the new “greenish” US President Obama…encouraging employees to take the bus by paying the bus pass may be received with less resentment as time goes by. I expect things will start to change in Canada as well. Your suggestion is totally consistent with Obama’s plans. You might also mention,if more employees take the bus then parking space related costs will potentially decrease over time. Fewer cars on the road etc.

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