Green Spot: The Low Carbon Lifestyle

Ok, I think everyone gets the idea of living a low carbon lifestyle.  You drive less, use mass transit, eat local and cut back on your power usage.  In some cases you save money like on gas when you take the bus, or in some cases you spend more like on local food.  Yet what is the point?  What’s so great about doing this?

Well I thought about that and here is my list of why a low carbon lifestyle is great:

  1. Reduced inflation exposure.  While everyone else is crying about their natural gas bill going up $20/month yours will only be going up $15.  So in these tough times coming down the pipe you will be better off than your neighbours.
  2. Healthier Body.  So while others hit up the gym and pay money to do it you are walking to your bus stop each day and keeping fit for free.  Not to mention the benefits of eating fresh food from a local garden where you actually know for sure your food doesn’t have any chemicals used on it or you know that the deadly outbreak of the week that is on the news isn’t going to affect you.  Also organic grade local eggs, meat and fruit and vegetables also taste better.
  3. Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels.  So while everyone are here is a little freaked out about the diesel shortage I’m still fine.  My farmer drives into two town about once a week with he regular gas truck and makes deliveries of fresh vegetables (trust me when I’m say I’m positive the distance he drives is nothing compared to that carrot that was grown somewhere in the US).  Also with our stocked up freezer from from everyone’s fall garden harvest, I suspect if things get really bad I can push off buying groceries for a few weeks if I need to.
  4. More Cash for You.  Overall a low carbon lifestyle actually is cheaper than a high carbon one.  Yes, you spend more on food and some energy saving light bulbs, but overall in the long haul it is cheaper.  So that’s more money in your pocket to get to your early retirement faster because you have more cash and a lower lifestyle cost.
  5. Feel Good.  Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of a low carbon life is you feel good.  Your health is great and you sleep well at night knowing you are at least trying to do something.

That’s my list.  Do you have something to add?  If so, please leave a comment.