The Green Spot: Any Way You Slice It

Perhaps the terribly funny thing about this current election is the Conservatives religious belief in not putting on a carbon tax.  Yet when you look at their current plan for emissions called ‘Turning the Corner‘, you realize that haven’t stated what the penalty is going to be for people that exceed their targets after the initial phase of paying into a technology fund.  We’ve been assured the price is going to be substantial, what ever that means, but in the end the fact that emitting too much carbon dioxide is going to result in charge to the company sounds an awful like a carbon tax.

Granted the methodology is significantly different from the Liberal plan, basically with intensity based targets set at 2006 as a bench mark the Conservative goals are approximately 3% of our target under Kyoto.  Yep, their plan is really that crappy.

Yet anyway you slice it, it’s still a carbon tax.  They are just spinning rhetoric to avoid that phrase and hopefully keep people so confused by the Liberal or Green parties plans that you will vote out of confusion.  Hell even the NDP’s cap and trade plan has more meat to it than Turning the Corner.

So in the end, don’t panic about a carbon tax.  Every party has one, some are just not calling it that.

One thought on “The Green Spot: Any Way You Slice It”

  1. You are absolutely right about the spin – I can’t take anymore of these tv commercials for very much longer…

    My problem is that not all parties are committing to a reduction in income taxes – which is meant use the tax code as a way to discourage bad things (pollution) and encourage good things (productivity, income).

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