Consumer or Citizen

Why do we refer to ourselves as consumers?  Because we consume, yet this isn’t what we really are.  It’s like trying to make sense of a person by looking at their water bill.  It doesn’t tell you much.

What we really should call ourselves are citizens.  We members of great nations who look to improve our standing in the world.  Collectively North America has long been a great place to achieve dreams, but it’s now lacking that somewhat.  We have forgotten true greatness doesn’t come with a new TV on credit but rather great people which starts with our leaders.

So remember to vote in your upcoming election.  There is no such thing as a wasted vote.  Find which party most agrees with your own beliefs and then vote accordingly.  Be a citzen and not a consumer and remember to vote.

4 thoughts on “Consumer or Citizen”

  1. This may end up being the first time I ever vote (and I’m 28). The problem is I can’t pick a person. I’m a little more right wing than most people I know, but like some ideas coming from the other parties. Of course, they are all pretty much the same and just want good things in different ways for Canada so I may end up just being apathetic, it’s done well so far.

  2. Traciatim,

    I can understand the feeling. I’ve voted before sometimes by picking the party that least offends me. But every election I still vote.

    Actually what is most interesting in elections is sleeper people like you. If you all voted at the last minute you collectively could swing the election. Not to mention if you vote you give that party a bit of cash for the next election.

    Pick a party that mostly agrees with your point of view. I personally find the parties very different in their ideas. The Conservatives seem to be ignoring the big issues to me. The Liberals are some what ok, but a tad too socialist for my taste. The NDP ideas seem a bit out there with their ideas (ie: I don’t agree with a more than a few of them). Also I dislike the attack ads everyone seems to be using.

    So I’m sticking with the Green party for now. My candidate in my riding is personally an idiot, but I agree with the platform and I’m positive he won’t be elected. So I’m not worried.


  3. I think I’d rather just vote with my dollars and buy products I like from companies that I can live with. That’s far more powerful than my vote anyway.

    As for government, I wish they would simply issue currency, have laws that keep everyone from killing each other, provide education that everyone should have, and provide help for the sick. Beyond this they should keep their hands off. That’s why I’m probably going to go Conservative.

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