Green Spot: Voting Green?

Ok, I’m going out on a limb here.  I’m actually going to discuss my views on the current federal election and no I don’t care how you are going to vote.  I just thought this made a good story.

I finished reading the green party’s platform and you know what.  It looks reasonable to me and what shocked me was it was honest.  They really did put together a bunch of good ideas into one complete package that could really work.  This honestly shocked me a bit.  They just outright said, yes they are going to raise the GST back up to 6%, but they are going to fix up your cities with it.   I’ve previously equated the Green party with a bunch of environmental nuts, but they also support no tax for people making less than $20,000 a year and income splitting for everyone.  If I’m reading the policies right that would mean my family’s tax bill would drop by about $10,000 a year!

Ok, yes they do want to bring in a carbon tax at $50 a tonne, but they also want to bring in a tax credit for business of $50/tonne if they reduce their emissions from their current levels.  Combined that would mean businesses could actually have a price of $100/tonne of CO2, which speaking from someone who works with carbon capture technologies that would mean just about every technology out there would suddenly be a cost saving measure for businesses.  You would see a wave of new projects hitting the table and it would turn this country to a low carbon economy in record time.

So would this hurt us in trade?  No, not necessarily, it depends on how that carbon tax is applied.  If the carbon tax gets applied to imports as well as local products it will have mostly a short term effect.  Long term we will have actually have an advantage.  Our energy cost put into our products on average will be less that the US, so we might actually make some products that are cheaper than the US even with the tax.  Is it going to be perfect? Gods no!  There are going to be problems with any idea this big, but since when is doing the right thing the easy thing?

I’m now looking forward to reading the rest of the parties platforms to see which one I like the best overall, but so far it looks like I’m voting for the Green Party which is a little surprising to me.

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  1. I totally agree with you – I view the whole environmental issue the same as our save|spend decisions – we can either take a bit of pain (reduce our consumption) a little now, or a WHOLE lot later. The problem is that most people don’t read the entire platform or the media only report on the increases in tax, without the offsetting income tax decreases.

  2. I have long liked the Green Party policy economically, where the problem arises is their environmental policy.

    They want to close all Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Power Plants, and want to do so immediately.

    You can’t take away 90% of the Canadian power production without offering some sort of alternative.

  3. Elizabeth May is most impressive. After hearing her speak on Cross Country Check-up last week I went to the Greens website and made a donation (though I didn’t join the party). The tax credit on such a donation is amazing by the way – 75%! So I donated $200, but it only costs me $50.

  4. @Tyler: Where do they state they want to close out coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants immediately? In their current platform, I see that they are promoting conservation and speak of phasing out fossil and nuclear power sources.

  5. I’ve been voting green for the last 2 federal elections. Their platform is closer to my personal values. The fact that E. May will participate in the TV debates is certainly going to give them a boost.

  6. I too am so impressed with the Green Party! I never thought I’d stray that way but their platform is completely inline with all my values. For me, living in Alberta probably helps drive me that way…never have I lived amongst so many people with no regard for the environment. Cheers to the Greens!

  7. My vote is in a safe liberal riding so I always vote fringe, as I say my vote last election counted, I was one of 250 votes for the Marxist Lenin Party 🙂

  8. As of this morning’s news, many pissed off investors from the scandalous trust decision of 2006 may be leaning on the Liberals as their platform tends to lean on ridding of the tax that has been imposed. Would this decision influence your vote as a money-conscious individual?

  9. Rat,

    Nope. I’m not a one issue kind of voter. I tend to look at the bigger picture than one little thing.

    I do stand to lose about $400/year in investment income if the Conservative plan stays in place starting in 2011, but I can live with that. Especially if we get to keep those TFSA’s.


  10. Very sad night, isn’t it? I voted green for the first time. 7% of the vote and they get 0 seats. Bloc on the other hand have 10% of the vote and get 50. Something is wrong with this.

  11. Pushing30,

    I totally agree. The system is now officially broken in my mind. The current estimated voter turn out is 59%, so with 37% of the vote that means in real terms the conservatives almost got a majority with 22% of the support of the voting public. Talk about your 80/20 rule!

    I think that will be my next thing I will write to my MP about. PLEASE FIX THE VOTING SYSTEM! It doesn’t work for five parties!

    End rant,

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