The Green Spot: Links Edition

As a wise frog once said “It isn’t easy being green.”  Never was that more true when living in a consumer based society and you are trying to live a little bit of a greener life.  So thank goodness for the internet with great stories of other people who are crazier than you are.  It always make you feel better.

So in that light here are some green links.  Some are just fun while others more serious.  Enjoy.

No Impact Man – The writer of this blog spent a year of his life living as green as humanly possible in New York City.  He did all sorts of things that I would consider too green for me but it was a fun read.  Now the experiment is done the writer is doing a book and turning into a more activist type role.

Little Blog in the Big Woods – Before I was a little baby Greenpa was already living off grid for power.  With 31 years of experience the blog is practical and entertaining on how it challenges the assumptions we have on what we need to live.

Green as a Thistle – An experiment on how doing one more green thing a day for year can transform your life.  It’s a funny blog with lots of good ideas.

The Gaia Project – This is a newer site that recently just went up.  What is really interesting is the story behind the site.  The author had been working in Canada and then the UK on carbon capture and storage technologies but felt it wasn’t enough.  So he quit his job and he started a not for profit organization to raise awareness around CO2 emissions.  Now that is dedication to something.  The site doesn’t have much now, but the current articles are well done.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Good to see some other links that I hadn’t heard of before! Thanks for the support bud.

    Didn’t know you had a blog, so now that I do, I’ll have to keep on reading!

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