Investing in Yourself

Stocks, bonds, mutual fund, t-bills, ETF’s, gold…there seems to be an endless number of places to invest your money.  Yet for the pre-early retiree there is often one class of investments that pays huge dividends in savings that is over looked: investing in yourself.

Lets face faces.  You only get one body to live this life in and the vast majority of us are abusing the crap out the thing for 40 years and then we complete about our reduced mobility and the cost of health care when we retire.  So try to avoid such a crappy fate of poor health and an extra long retirement to live with it.

At the same time I don’t think anyone wants to drop an extra $500/month on a bunch of unless diet and training fads.  So here is a brief guide of the middle ground to investing in yourself without spending a small fortune.

  1. Exercise Daily.  Yes you read that right: daily.  Now before you freak out let me state I don’t mean go to a gym and work out.  I mean at least go for a walk at lunch to get away from your desk for 10 minutes.  Obviously 20 minutes would be better.  Some exercise on a daily basis is a huge step up from none for your health.  So do something every day!
  2. Eat food.  Not food like things with 16 different ingredients where you can’t pronounce half of them.  For example, a carrot is just a carrot.  If it doesn’t need a label that is usually a good thing.  Obviously organic is better, but who wants to pay a huge premium for a organic carrot from Mexico?   Instead hit up your farmers market where it might not ‘certified organic’ but it was still raised the same way.  Another hint is to eat mostly on the outside edge of your store.  Stay away from the prepackaged chemical soaked middle isles.
  3. Eat less.  Given the amount of over weight people in North America most of us can drop a few extra calories every day with no problems.  So here is the secret to doing this easily.  Eat slower.  I mean really folks if you eat your entire meal in 15 minutes or less how on earth did you just taste it let alone enjoy it.  Slow down and talk with those you are eating with.  Give your body some time to actually start processing the food going in and your will feel full on less.
  4. Be interesting.  Don’t you hate going to a party and meeting someone new who is a complete bore to be around.  Don’t be that person.  Have some hobbies, connect with others, get out of your house and turn off that damn TV already!  Everyone needs a life beyond your work so make sure you have yours!

Simple eh?  After all we already invest our money by ourselves (which most people find terrifying), why can’t be do a few little preventative treatments for our health?

4 thoughts on “Investing in Yourself”

  1. I remember reading an article saying that it is only worthwhile to get organic diary products. For other stuffs, especially, people should pay more attention to local instead of organic since local products will use less chemicals to let them stay fresh during the transportation stages.
    Also, I think for young people, to invest in themselves, it is important to go to school or get some training related to your career. Just my 2cents. 🙂

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