Burnt & School Shopping

Ok, I’ll be honest here.  My brain is very cooked right now, actually I would call it burnt.  So I’ll blame the fact I did this instead of relaxing over the weekend.  The good news is I have a 102 page fiction story in front of me.  The bad new is the following post might not make sense.

My oldest boy starts preschool this week.  We are nervous and excited for him.  I’m also looking at his school supply list and thinking if this is just for preschool what does the grade 1 list look like?  Yikes!

Actually the list isn’t that bad except for the slightly annoying habit of requesting specific brands.  Yes the list actually states 2 bottle of Crayola glue.  I’m not joking here.  When we did finally find the glue I actually understand why for a second: the glue is washable.  Hence the same requirement for the crayons.

Yet a suprising amount of the list consisted of items we already had at home.  He needed a painting shirt, so one of my old t-shirts when it the bag.  A full change of clothes (for preschool this make sense) and a snack and a drink.

Overall the cost wasn’t horrible for him to start preschool a rough estimate would be $45.  Some of the items will also be used for several years by him like a backpack, while a new pair of shoes for indoors was needed anyways since he was outgrowing his last pair of shoes.

Perhaps one of the smartest things we did for him didn’t cost a dime.  My wife took out several books about the first day at school from the library and we have been reading those at bedtime for a week straight now.  She has even gone as far as using my son’s teacher’s name in the one story so he gets used to hearing it as well.

Perhaps the only thing that really annoyed me this year was I actaully watched a few back to school ads this year and realized how stupid they are.  I mean I kid can’t possiblely ‘need’ an ipod or a cell phone for school.  Such is the joy of living a lower consumption lifestyle in a high consumption culture. *sigh*

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  1. I saw a “back to school” clip on the news yesterday, with a woman buying a $300 Guess bag for her 13 year old to use as a satchel. Then they went to the shoe store … even though I hated my uniform I can now see the advantages to our folks. You’re lucky you have boys!

  2. Sadly “back to school” has nothing to do with education (does “come to xxx this back to school” even make sense?). It’s starting to feel almost as over-hyped as christmas. And now that school is back I’m sure we’ll start hearing all about what we need for christmas.

  3. The lists we get also request specific items. Generally they reproduce the content of the pre-packaged supplies (PPS). The supplier of the PPS may use different sources than those available to regular consumers (parents). Sometimes the quantities available are different … paper immediately jumps to mind. The PPS contain 2 packages of 200 count paper. All I was able to find in stores was bundled as 150 sheets/package. Solution? Send 3 packages of store bought paper. For glue, markers, paints, crayons get a good name brand (Elmers, Crayola). Hint for next time: get a copy of the school list at the beginning of next summer and stock up on the supplies you’ll need both at school and at home.

  4. Guinness,

    I actually am VERY happy to have two boys when I hear stories like that!


    It is really turning into a pre-Christmas thing isn’t it. Sad.


    Thanks for the tips.


    Sure. The title is: The E.V.I.L. Minion. The novel follows the adventures of guy that goes through minion training. Then I retell several stories from the point of view of an evil minion. So I knock off tales based on Star Wars, Frankenstein, Dracula, Batman and James Bond. The story is full of humour and explores the if villains are really evil or just misunderstood and what makes a good minion.


  5. Great stuff Tim! I will have to take a closer look when the rains set in here for winter. Still boating season.

    I expect you could also easily fill a book about early retirement the apparent myths, blogs etc.


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