The Green Spot: Review

This is week seven for the Green Spot posts where I touch on more environmental topics so I thought a review would be in order.  Here is the visitor and subscriber counts for the last twelve Fridays to give you an idea of if there has been any changes from the posts.

Mmm, can you see a difference?  Because I really can’t come to any significant difference before and after the switch.  So I’ll take a guess here that the posts haven’t been killing off my traffic in any significant way.

Since that didn’t really help decide much, I’ll just leave this post as an open forum.  What do you think of the posts? Like them or hate them I want to hear from you.  All feedback and ideas are welcome.  From the feedback here I’ll decide if they will become a permanent feature or not.  Thanks for your help and have a great long weekend!

3 thoughts on “The Green Spot: Review”

  1. Personally I don’t mind usually read the green articles, I also don’t mind them, they’re just not in my radar of interest right now.

    At the same time I think you should continue to write them because they are your interest and you should write about what is important to you.

    Have a nice long weekend!

  2. Oh man that first sentence was a mess, here is what I meant to type:

    Personally I don’t mind the green articles, but I usually don’t read them because they’re just not in my radar of interest right now.

  3. Keep it!

    One of the great things about this blog is the originality of topics – you write about whatever you want, which makes it interesting. PF stuff, green stuff – it’s all good!


    p.s. I wouldn’t worry about a strict format ie if you don’t have to reserve one particular day for one topic.

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