Back and Broke

Well I’m back and I’m sick. So sorry for the lack of an original post here, but my brain is hazy from the sinus pressure and the general pain all over my body. At least the virus I got was polite enough to wait until I got home to kick into high gear and knock me on to my ass.

The good news was my vacation stayed on budget and we managed not to exceed our spending limit of $400 during our vacation which included camping, visiting friends and family in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The odd thing I noticed is almost half of our spending was on booze. I suppose I should feel like an alcoholic, but I don’t.

Why? Well out of the four bottles of wine I bought I gave two away as presents and the other two are in my fridge and still sealed. I did consume 15 beer in about a week, but the bottle gin, two bottles of vodka and the bottle of rye are still sealed. Effectively most of the booze I bought on this trip will last me until next year.

The bad news on all this was my saving account is almost wiped out completely right now. So I’ve told my wife we are now officially not using our Visa cards for anything that isn’t in the regular spending for the next few months. It’s going to be a strict cash based spending diet for now standard purchases until I can build up the savings account again.

Drastic action?  Perhaps, but required so we can get some cushion back in my savings account since I almost vaguely feel like I’m working without a net here.  So what drastic action have you ever taken to reach a goal?  Did it work and would you ever do it again?

2 thoughts on “Back and Broke”

  1. Well at least you know you have a bunch of booze to get you through those 2 months! That sure would put my mind at ease if I was short cash for a couple months. . .

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