The Frugal Vacation

Well if all is going to plan I should be on a deck right now facing a lake and thinking about what kind of beer I want to consume later today.  I should also hopefully managed to have a nice vacation for a mere $400 total (or about $37/day).

Why so cheap?  Well it’s partly what we had planned for this year and partly I over spent while I was on parental leave.  So what can you do for that little money.  Actually with a little planning a fair amount.  Here are a few ideas on good vacations on the cheap.

  1. Go Camping.  Let’s face it is you have the equipment camping can be a dirt cheap way to go see exciting new places.  Forget the $80/night hotel rooms.  Camping fees are usually less $20/night for people in tents and you are cooking your own food.  Parks are often packed with lots of hiking trails and things to see that are often free or very cheap to see/do.
  2. Visit Relatives.  I’m a bit lucky that I seem to have family all over the country.  So I’m often in the habit of stopping in for a night or two and catching up with people.  The great thing is you can usually get a free place to sleep and breakfast for a day or two merely taking out someone to dinner one night.
  3. Stay Home.  Here’s one people don’t often think of.  Stay home and play tourist in your own town.  Make sure you plan it like a regular vacation so don’t answer your phone and make sure every knows your off (just fail to mention your not leaving town).  Then see the local sites and check out those odd places you don’t normally go.  You save on gas and you know you are sleeping in a good bed.

Well hopefully that give you a few ideas on where to start when that bank account is looking a little lean.  If you have some other ideas please share.

5 thoughts on “The Frugal Vacation”

  1. Vacation does not have to mean spending lots of money and going somewhere exotic. Vacation should mean feeling rested and energized when vacation is over so camping or staying would give those benefits while being frugal. Not sure if visiting relatives would leave you rested and energized but would be frugal.

  2. Re: Visiting Relatives

    It depends on who you are visiting on if you feel rested or not after being there. I personally picked for this last trip two places I can total relax at, so I have no problem calling it a vacation.


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