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So in the interest of some costumer feedback I’m thinking doing some more writing about environmental issues and personal choices.  On this blog I’ve tried to keep those sort of environmental topics related to personal finance, but now I’m considering one of two options:

  1. Start a new blog dedicated to environmental issues and reduce the posting here by at least one post a week.
  2. Keep this blog and just expand its focus slightly to one post a week with a bit more of an environmental bend than normal.

So what would you like to see?  (Also feel free to suggest other topics in either for me to write about).

16 thoughts on “Blog Direction”

  1. I’d implement it as a ‘Saturday Random Thought’ day that you try to keep on the topic of environmental issues or something. You could post things like how the ice in Canada started melting something like 12000 years ago, but we’re blaming it all on CO2 . . . even though agriculture rocks when more CO2 is present.

  2. I’d love to see you keep the environmental stuff mixed in with the finance articles on this blog. The two marry nicely for those interested in voluntary simplicity.

  3. If you can somehow tie the posts to personal finances, I say go ahead and mix them in.

    Otherwise, I think it’s best to just keep things separate.

  4. Please keep the posts personal finance related. Separate your environmental posts into a separate blog. When posts are both financial and environmental, post a brief summary and link to your environmental blog (or vice versa).

  5. Its your blog, you should do whatever you want with it! Having said that, the practical side of me thinks if you have a passion for environmental topics, blog on it on the same day each week and track your readership for 4-6 weeks. If you see a real drop-off each week then perhaps you should separate the two but the more variety the better.

  6. I keep mine together. Economics and ecology are but about distributing resources. One is a subset of the other and given that they are of a comparable size now, I think it is important to include thoughts/reactions to the environment as well.
    Just for starters, I live in CA and foresee immense water problems within the next few decades. That is certainly part of my financial planning.

  7. Leave them together for sure. As we move through the 21st century, economy and ecology will become increasingly intermixed and interdependant. We cannot continue to have global prosperity at the expense of the environment-the two have to co-exist.

  8. Well, if you write about both on the same blog, that will save me one RSS feed. I am very interested in both personal finance and environmental issues, and I love your writing, so I would read the posts, whether they are on one blog or two!

  9. Neither way is wrong but I would suggest having a separate blog. If you try to write about envir. stuff with a personal finance slant then that will be limiting.

    David from mytwodollars dot com also runs the thegoodhuman dot com

  10. Good feedback everyone.

    I rather like Thicken My Wallet’s idea of doing a trial run for six weeks. I track the results on the feed and site metrics and also provide another feedback post at the end of the experiment. If it looks like it isn’t working I drop the experiment and I’ll start a new blog.

    I should note some of the environment posts will still be related to personal finance, but just not all of them.

    Posts will be on Friday. So if you don’t care about them you can skip over them easily. Mmm, I suppose I could use a name for them now. How about the “The Green Spot”? I’m open to ideas.


  11. I think there is definitely some crossover territory. Especially when you think about frugal living/consuming less. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. In the end, it’s your blog(s).

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