Going Back

Well I did manage to wake up before my alarm.  So that is a good sign as I head back to work after being off for the last 7 weeks.  The bad news was a power surge to the house had reset the clocks in the house, so thank goodness for those late night baby feeds otherwise I could have been late for work this morning.

I have to admit I’m feeling a little nervous about it all.  So what has happened when I’ve been gone? How much work is piling up on my desk? How many emails, voice mails and meetings will I have to attend to come up to speed?

On the other hand I’m worried about how the boys will handle being home with mom all day long.  Also how mom will handle the boys.  We’ve all grow rather used to having each other around, so going back is going to be a little bit of an adjustment for everyone.

Overall regardless of what happens today.  I’m so happy I did it.  This time with my family was great and I would encourage any fathers thinking of taking some time off to talk to their spouses about it.  It really is a very good thing to help a family adjust at the start of a new baby at home.

Not to mention I’ve decided I could handle the early retirement lifestyle.  I had no problems at all filling up seven weeks with things to do and I could easily see filling up 52 weeks a year without work (even without kids).  Perhaps my only problem going forward now will be the slowness of the projects that I now face using regular weekends.

2 thoughts on “Going Back”

  1. Heh I bet your mood is going to be lovely at the office today. Good luck!

    I agree, I can happily fill any amount of time I have off with chores, hobbies and family/community related stuff and can’t understand people who say they won’t be able to fill their days.

  2. Thanks! Actually it went alright. Only 190 emails to read and I only got one project dumped on my lap when I got back. Not too bad for damage.


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