So When Did I Become a Breeder?

A few of you may recall my wife and I invested in some fish as a pet for the house last fall.  Well apparently after some trials and errors I’m doing something right because shortly after the birth of my son some of our fish decided to follow suit and I suddenly saw little tiny coloured dots in my fish tank.  Now a few weeks later I can actually see them easily I believe we have about 10 new additions to our tank (they are hard to count because the swim so damn fast).

I’m am now officially a breeder of tropical fish.  Completely by accident of course. Yet for now it isn’t a big problem because our tank had enough spare capacity to handle the new fish.  The real issue for me now is what to do if this happens again.  Another generation of fish will definitely be too much for my tank.  So far I’m got two main options that make sense to me:

  1. Sell the extra fish via the web (locally). I know what the fish go for in the store so I could just undercut the price and get them out of the tank that way.
  2. Just give the fish away to anyone who wants one. It’s sort of like option one, but easier to sell the fish.

After that I’m not sure what to do with any more fish that suddenly show up.  Has anyone else had a pet that breed on you?  What did you do with the babies?

5 thoughts on “So When Did I Become a Breeder?”

  1. We had an outdoor cat adopt us, and we put food out for her a few times. Then she had a kitten in our backyard, so we brought her in for a while to get her fixed, etc. Now she’s back outside, and her kitten is still with us (and our other cat who is not entirely thrilled). I just noticed a new cat out there eating from the bowl of outdoor cat food… I hope it’s not female/pregnant!! I can’t take another one!

  2. FT,

    Not a bad idea. I’ll have to check that out.


    Good to know I’m not the only one with problems.


  3. Animals are usually pretty good at living in harmony with their environment, so if you don’t think the tank can handle more fish, probably there won’t be any more. Years ago I had a breeding pair of gerbils and after a second littler arrived they ate all the new babies.

    Selling pets is a tough way to make money. Even if you undercut the pet store, its not like frugal pet shoppers are scouring the city looking for the best deal. Sadly, pets are often impulse buys.

    I’d just leave them to sort things out themselves, and if you really feel that the tank is over-crowded, give them away to friends. The pet store probably won’t buy off of you, but they may take them if you’re giving them away.

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