One Week Left

Six weeks.  Where the hell did six weeks just go!?!  I can’t believe I’m suppose to go back to work in just one week now.  I’m very much enjoying my parental leave so far, but I’m still having a problem that it went by so quickly.

One thing I’ve noticed about my leave so far was it was a bit more expensive that I thought it was going to be.  Why?  I decided to expand my list of projects I was going to do while I was off and I had some preventative maintenance on my car done which was a bit more expensive then I thought.  Total cost over run has been around $550.  So it’s not a huge amount, but I’m glad I decided to be a bit generous on my savings to cover any unexpected expenses that seem to show up.

On the personal side it has been amazing time being able to spend some much time with my wife and kids and it has been worth every penny I’ve spent so far on being home.  I’ve literally been able to watch our baby get a little bigger every day and spend lots of time getting our oldest adjusted to everything.  Not to mention my yard has never looked so good.  It is amazing how well plants do with a little extra care and attention in early spring.

I’ve also noticed I haven’t had much time to spend on this blog or blogs in general.  I’ve been too busy in other projects (yes I did do more than just hold our baby and teach him how to smile).  Other than cutting a new advertising deal and managing to host a carnival I’ve been basically treading water with the blog.  So if I’ve been a little bad about replying to the comments lately I do apologize.

On the plus side this is just a small sample list of things I’ve managed to complete:

  • Visit my parent’s cabin three times and get some good relaxing time in (and help put in the dock, cut lawns and plant their huge garden).
  • Cut up and remove my old deck and create a large pile of lumber to reuse.
  • Plant the garden and expand the garden plot.
  • Build my first rain barrel and decide on how to over come a design flaw I found in my first try at it (I’m hoping to get the second version done before I got back to work).
  • Fix up several flower beds and get the weeds under control.
  • Put together our new patio furniture.
  • Start installing our new patio where the old deck was.
  • Get car maintenance done.
  • Install new flooring in a bathroom and a new low flush toilet.
  • Get a SIN card, RESP, Health Card and birth certificate for our new baby.

Oh well, back to the project pile.  See you tomorrow.