The Six Word Memoir

Well I got tagged with a meme that actually got my attention. Retired Syd asked me to write a six word memoir about myself. So I thought I would take up the challenge.

Mmm, six words. That really isn’t a lot of room to tell much about your life. In some ways it reminds me of a few postcard story contests I’ve entered, where you have 250 words to tell a tale. This is just a lot more restrictive.

Well here’s a few ideas:

  1. Playing, loving seeking freedom beyond payday.
  2. Looking for happiness without a paycheque.
  3. I am farther, husband, scholar and …
  4. Living dreams and seeking others.

    Given enough time I think I could come up with some other ones, but those seem to work alright. Perhaps it is interesting to note I didn’t include any reference to being an engineer in my memoirs. Why? Really it is only one small part of my life and there is so much more to me than a iron ring. We are all much more than our day jobs.

    So I’ll open this one up. Anyone else who wants to play with this meme can write their own in the comments or even write a post on their blog and link back to this one.  Even if you don’t want to play by writing your own I encourage you all to vote for what you think is my best memoir.

    Let’s all remember today that money is just a tool.  The point of life is to live: so have a little fun.  Have a great weekend all.

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    1. Good thing I didn’t use the word “smart”, I guess I can’t count, doh!

      Worked to be a great dad.

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