Recyling a Deck

Well during my time off here I’ve taking to destroying my deck in my backyard.  You see parts of it are rotting and it needs to come down for safety reasons.  Yet at the same time there is a fair amount of wood that is still useful.  I’m not building another deck in it’s place, but rather a patio.  So what can I do with all that wood?

Well so far a truck load has gone to the dump.  Most of it was either too rotten or two many nails to bother reusing it.  I do intend to keep a small pile for firewood, but then as I was still left with a large pile of wood to deal with.

Then it hit me.  I’m staring at my old support beams (which are mostly in great shape) and it occurs to me I was going to buy that exact size of board I was going to buy later this summer to make a sandbox for my wife’s daycare.  So now I’m recycling some of those boards into a new sandbox.  How much I’ll be able to use I won’t know exactly until I have a good look at those boards, but overall I’m hoping to use them for the sides and bottom of the new sand box.

This would then reduce the costs down to some nails or screws, some lattice for a lid, paint and the sand itself.  So what do you know, recycling can also save some money.  Now that I’m inspired by this plan I’ll have to see what other projects I can come up with to recycle some more of that wood.  Any ideas on what to use a pile of 2×4 cut down to 3 foot lengths?

6 thoughts on “Recyling a Deck”

  1. I’m using some left over material from building my deck last year to build a compost this year.

  2. I have piles of old lengths of lumber in my garage. They come in handy now and then… never throw good wood out 🙂

  3. Crystal,

    Not a bad idea. I had thought about some new beds or even just using the wood as some edging by the lawn.


    Now that is a great idea. I could use one of those!


    I agree to a point. Once the pile becomes excessive you have to start tossing some of it out.


  4. I used some 6×6’s the previous homeowner left behind as a border around my 8’x6′ garden, flush with surface level. This, combined with 2′ high chicken wire, keeps out the rabbits which decimated the tomato crop last year. I hung on to those boards for a couple of years before the use occurred to me. I also keep lengths of wood from 1ft-8ft on a “wood shelf” high up in my garage. I have been unable to bring myself to throw out good wood (yet), but the day will come I suppose.

  5. My idea is also a flower bed/garden edging one. Rather than using them lengthwise, you can cut the pieces in varying lengths and hammer them into the ground all around the flower bed (or just the front and sides of course) so they are “lengthwise” from ground to sky rather than the other usual way. Gives it some “artistic”look. If that makes any sense. We did this with square wood pieces but a 2×4 would work as well.

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