Baby = Paperwork?

I think just about everyone loves babies. They are cute and nice to hold when they are not crying. Yet at the same time I forgot how much paperwork there is setting up a new baby’s documents! I mean come on folks how many damn forms do you really need me to submit?

Well the good news is that I’m finishing up the first wave of paperwork with our newest one. I actually have to say the the forms themselves are not too bad to fill out, but it just writing out my youngest’s name that many times will make sure I don’t forget it.

For those of you not familiar with the process I will walk you through the steps in Saskatchewan.

  1. Register the birth. This takes place at the hospital and is the start of the process for the baby’s health card and adds the baby to the vital statistics database. No additional forms are required to obtain the health card.
  2. Apply for the birth certificate. I suggest you do this ASAP because you are going to need a paper copy of the certificate to do just about everything else.
  3. Apply for Child Tax Benefit. Come on folks it free money so apply as soon as that birth certificate arrives. By the way the mom is required to fill this one out so do read the fine print.
  4. Apply for a SIN number. I highly recommend filling out the form and applying in person for this one. That way you get the number right away and you don’t have the original birth certificate in the mail some place.
  5. Arrange an appointment to set up an RESP.  In my case the first RESP we set up for my oldest is a family plan at Royal Bank so I will be just adding our new baby to it.  You will need the birth certificate and SIN number to do this.  Also make sure you ask if your child qualifies for the Canada Learning Bond.

That would be the basics of the paperwork process.  Keep in mind you might also need to add your baby to your work benefits.  So you will want to look into that as soon as possible as many places have a limit on the amount of time that can pass before the baby can be added.

Sorry for the delay on this post.  I was going to hit publish yesterday and my server crashed as I reached for the publish button.

5 thoughts on “Baby = Paperwork?”

  1. I keep hearing about the paperwork as an abstract thing to do – I had no idea there was so much! Good to know, and I am glad you included the RESP since it is one thing we want to do right away too.

  2. And for those in Quebec, you got to add baby on all the $7 daycare waiting lists… But this should have been done the moment you learned a little on was on the way.

  3. FT,

    Actually in SK there is no local medical plan. You get your health card and that is it. We don’t pay any monthly fees for our basic health care.

    Everyone Else,

    Good points. Thanks for adding to the list.


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