Time: The Ultimate Luxury

Forget diamonds, gold or flashy cars. Forget mansion houses and designer clothes. Forget overpriced coffee and fatty fast food. Time is the ultimate luxury.

During my last two weeks off I’ve managed to do as much as I would normally finish two months of weekends and still have lots of time to cook and play with my oldest son and cuddle with my youngest son. My wife recently commented that she was getting spoiled with all the food I’ve been making (think pancakes for a weekday morning breakfast or homemade ginger beef for a weeknight supper).

If nothing else this little bit of time off has taught me this: Life is too short to spend just working for a living. I want more time for the everyday things than anything else. What is very interesting so far about this time off is I think this has sold my wife on the idea of early retirement. She really likes having me around to handle things and help out with the kids.

So it’s full steam ahead with early retirement planning and saving. My wife is fully on board and we are now shooting for the ultimate luxury: time.

6 thoughts on “Time: The Ultimate Luxury”

  1. Glad to hear it. What a nice feeling.

    Remind me, why is your wife not also taking time off at the moment? Is she not entitled to it, or is she just holding off until yours expires to maximize time with baby?

  2. Agreed 100%. Spending as much time as possible with your kids when they are young is the greatest thing you can do for yourself and for them. We trade our family time for money by working and if our time is that precious to us, we should treat our money with the same amount of care. That $5 bill you were about to drop down for a Starbucks coffee isn’t just a piece of blue paper in your wallet, it’s $5 of your time that you didn’t get to spend with loved ones or doing the hobbies you enjoy.

  3. GIV:

    I’m self-employed and as such am not entitled to the government funded mat/parental leave as I don’t pay into EI. Therefore Tim can take time off under the program without impacting me. Also, we planned for the financial impact me being off for a year and Tim being off would have.

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