These Are a Few of my Favorite Reads

In the world of blogs it is considered good manners to publish links to other blogs you like and articles you have enjoyed. In general I’m a bit of black sheep in this matter as I rarely do a link post. I personally have tried once in a while, but my theory is if the site is on my blogroll you have likely read some of their posts. Then it occurs to me you all might not realize I periodically update my blogroll so in all fairness here are a few blogs that I enjoy reading.

  1. Retired Syd – I like to think of Syd as my already retired female alter ego. It’s almost scary the number of times I’ve read something on her blog and I thought “Gee, I could have written that” or “YES, exactly”. The blog is a wonderful insight into a recently early retired mind and the steps that lead up to it. An excellent read.
  2. Working for Rachel – A blogger with a burning desire to retire at 40 or earlier. Currently she is 27. I like this blog because she comes up with new ways to challenge herself and provides interesting insights in to issues around early retirement.
  3. Early Retirement Extreme – I like this blog because Jacob constantly questions the status quo and provides a walking example of alternative lifestyle. You don’t have accept the standard formula of two kids, a dog and a house (mmm, I’m only missing the dog now). Do what works for you.
  4. Where Does All My Money Go – Preet’s blog I like to consider my continuing education in personal finance.  He always seems to provide some interesting insights into unfamiliar concepts and pushes my level of knowledge forward with every other post.

Well that’s all for today.  Take care everyone.

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