Work? I Don’t Need No Stinking Work!

On Tuesday this week I had a rather interesting experience. I shook my boss’s hand and then left the office with no intention of looking a work email or talking to anyone about work until June 23. Yes folks I’m now done my job. I’m on parental leave starting next Monday, while in the mean time I’m on a combination of sick time and vacation so I worked a whole 2 hours this week.

Strangely enough leaving work behind for this period was one of the easiest things I’ve done. We had planned my leave out in advance so it was easily to just leave. The money has already been saved up so it really hasn’t even crossed my mind to look after anything related to that other than pay off my last Visa bill. Also as it turns out our baby had to come via a c-section so my wife will need a hand around the house for the next several weeks as she recovers. So my leave makes that portion of our lives easier.

It’s almost amusing to me how busy I am without a job this week. I mean I feel like I’ve barely had time to relax for more than an hour for days. I’ve been spending lots of time at the hospital and lots of time looking after our oldest boy and the house. All I have to say is thank goodness for grandparents. We discovered almost at once our oldest son can only handle upwards of three hours at the hospital before he needs to go somewhere else. So grandma’s house which is a mere six blocks away has become his second home until we can get mommy and baby back home later this week.

As to this blog now that I’m sleeping at home again and not so extremely exhausted I will start posting again.  I will generally try to get the post up during the morning sometime, but it might be afternoon or evening some days depending how things go on any given day.

9 thoughts on “Work? I Don’t Need No Stinking Work!”

  1. FT,

    Yes they allow it if you have a private room. So I was overnight on the first night to help out the wife and baby.


    Yes another baby boy. I’m just an overly happy/proud daddy!


  2. Congrats!

    I’m on pat leave as well and it’s amazing how little time you have. Most of my time is spent with the older kid which is probably what will happen with you.


  3. I took 3 month Parental leave to be with my wife and child last summer. We too had saved up enough money to get through my leave and would have stayed away longer had we not started to dip into our investments to maintain a debt-free summer. It was a great motivator to what will hopefully happen when early-retirement comes

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