The Story of Everything – Part IV

Yesterday I introduced the dead world theory and left you with the idea that it is wrong. So why isn’t the world like a giant clock? Simply put it is a useful lie. It sort of reminds me of something to that happened to me in university. I was in a chemistry class where the professor got up and ask us if we recalled a particular rule we were all told in high school. We all said yes. He replied “Good, but we lied to you. There is an exception.” Then proceeded to tell us in detail what the exception was and I realized when he was done why they lie. It’s confusing as hell to realize the world isn’t as neatly organized as we think it is.

Case in point: DNA. Most people with the dead world theory and the belief we are the end product of evolution believe after ours is created it doesn’t change. This isn’t true. As your body is exposed to various conditions you DNA might actually start be rewritten to adjust. The very process of evolution may be occurring to you as you read this.

Another bias of science is the idea of studying the world in snap shot static systems because the are easier to solve. Dynamic systems are much more realistic, but very complex to solve (if you can solve them at all). Very high end physics is starting to realize the very fundamental building blocks of matter and energy are not like a clock at all and are not static. In fact the particles change as they are observed. So the dead world theory can’t cover the very basic building blocks of the universe, you start to wonder if it has any use at all.

The reality of it all is by observing or interacting with anything both you and the thing in question has changed. The world is completely interconnected. It is an artificial ideal to separate one thing into isolation for study, because by removing from it’s natural interactions in the universe you have changed what it is.

What is particular interesting about these thoughts is the implications to our social organizations. After all hasn’t everyone felt alone at one point or another. Cut off from the world and isolated. The true fact of the world of life is you have never been alone. From conception you lived with your mother, then you were born and exposed to millions of bacteria, fungus and micro organisms. All of which have changed you and you changed them. Regardless of where you go in the world. You are never alone. Life the very fabric of this planet will always been right with you.

So with a more open mind we have started to realize some things. First off nature is not all about competition. In fact it is often about a balance of cooperation and competition. Different species will adapt to changing conditions to keep the overall balance of life in tact. In our error we assumed a species first priority is to themselves to keep their place in the world. In fact a species first priority is to the overall balance of life itself which by serving assures it’s continued place in the world as conditions permit. Any overly selfish species will alter isn’t own environment too much and cause it’s own downfall. To survive a balance must be maintained. So this is what we have done to ourselves. We are changing the world itself in our own selfish way and in the process making it uninhabitable for human life (given an evolutionary time frame).

Yet today’s post isn’t about given use shit for what we have done. I just wanted to point out how we have got here and answer why are we doing this to ourselves. Yet to move forward we need a different vision to guide us and give us purpose. So let me propose we get back to basics here and start severing life as a whole again.

As such let’s try this story on for size:

“The universe was born in a bang. A Big Bang to be exact. Stars were born and planets were created. An on one little planet called Earth life began one of it’s many journeys. For we know the universe is a self-organized system engaged in the discovery and realization of possibilities through a continuous process of transcendence towards ever higher levels of order and self definition. We are the eyes and ears of the universe itself and we serve life by reading the many works of life in the universe.”

So perhaps you like that story (or perhaps you’ve got a better one), but regardless it does leave a bit of an issue.  What do we do now? Here ends part IV,  tomorrow I’m going to review a book that offers one set of ideas on how to overhaul our economic systems to serve life again.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Everything – Part IV”

  1. Why doesn’t anything come up on google when you search for “dead world theory” in quotes? It sounds like a term/idea you got from somewhere, or is it your own?

  2. Jordan,

    The term isn’t my own. Actually it is a term used from the book I’m reviewing tomorrow (it may actually be a slighty different wording for the term I’m using some notes I took when I read the book).

    Most of what you have been reading in this series is pulled from numerous sources. Some have deal with some of the front end material while others more of the back end. I’m trying to repackage it into a more common thread of ideas which hopefully the average person can follow.


  3. SP,

    I’m not sure what you are getting at. I know that energy going around a cycle has an internal resistance which requires a system to have some external energy added. So that would be considered disorder somewhat, but I could be on the wrong track.


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