The Story of Everything – Part III

As we last left our story we had outlined why we had a drive to conqueror the world. An interesting side benefit of this expansion was the fact war led us to develop more technologies. Yet as our knowledge of our universe grew we developed a particular point of view and created the dead world theory.

You see after a while it was fairly obvious to people we were working hard. So we developed things to provide an escape from our daily work. So the first escapism was religion. This worked well for a while, but like most things we ended up going to excess. It started to choke our science, so after a long fight science won out with cold hard logic.

Yet now with science firmly at the wheel trying to find meaning in our lives they started to explain everything to us. To make it understandable, we were told the universe was like a giant clock. It had many pieces we only had to understand what the pieces were and how they fit together. Yet as our knowledge grew we determined some awful facts. We had no purpose. Humans were merely complex machines that exist in nature which is ruled by law of survival. Competition is normal way of life. This was the dead world theory.

It provided no hope or meaning to our lives. In fact it stripped away what little we had from religion. So we reached for material comforts to fill the emptiness and isolations in our lives. Thus economic systems started to focus on production of goods to fill that void in our lives. Civilization new focus was to channel our darker urges into economic productive ends. We had entered the consumer age.

In the consumer age we now make products to feed our ever increasing appetite for more escapes from our pointless lives. And competition with everyone drives use to work harder to get more money to be better than everyone else. After all competition is a law of nature. Yet nature itself is being raped for every resource with no thought to why or the long term results of our actions. The world is now focused on the now and we don’t care about our futures. After all in a dead world what is there to look forward to in the future. No wonder people are depressed and over worked. Look at the world we have created around us. It is empty of purpose and hope.

Yet there is a hope. After all this entire story is based on a lie. We know evolution didn’t stop with us. Thus we have never been the chosen of God. In fact this also means there isn’t one right way to live and in fact the dead world theory is even wrong.

Here ends part III. Tomorrow I’ll show why the dead world theory is wrong and another story we could be living in.

* * *

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2 thoughts on “The Story of Everything – Part III”

  1. John,

    I’m sorry you feel that way but science is a tool. It can heal people or blow them up. Our intention is what drove us to consumerism. Science just happen to be one of the tools used.

    By the way, I’m an engineer so I have a science background as well.


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