Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest

I find it sort of strange. I keep finding ways to save money. You would think after a while you would just stop trying new things, but it keeps happening. So rather than thinking frugal is a destination I’m thinking rather it’s an evolution. Something that changes with you to suit your every changing lifestyle.

As an example, a while back I got together with some family and we ordered some East Indian food. Chickpeas and curry, butter chicken… you get the idea.  I like the food and I got a sample a fair bit, because we had a large group order.  Our part of the bill was about $30.

So next time we were shopping for food we noticed Superstore had some frozen food similar to what we ate.  So we paid about $18 to give it a try.  The food wasn’t bad, but I disliked the smaller portions for the price I paid.

So I tried to make some of my own food and get a bit more food.  I cheated a bit and bought some pre-made sauce for the chicken, but I got the bill down to about $9 for the meal.  That made enough food for about 3 people and a bit of leftovers.

All in all I’m very happy with how things have progressed.  I get to eat some great food once in a while for a cheap price without having to spend a lot of money on some unfamiliar spices for my house.  I feel I hit the balance between price, enjoyment and speed of preparation (it took me about 30 minutes to make the supper).

This current balance is likely not to last.  I’ll find something else to try or modify as it continues along.  After all I’m on a path here I really don’t expect to stay still.

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  1. superstore sells some decent sauce packs for butter chicken and tandoori (my fave, amazing on the bbq). it’s some indian brand, not PC.

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