Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger – Part II

Well after last time I thought I might share some more interesting facts about myself. Enjoy.

  1. I am sucker for free stuff. So much so I’ve recently tried a free game on Facebook which I can safely say I’m addicted to. Yes I’m a Knighthood junkie.
  2. I like index funds. Most people would assume it’s because they can beat the performance of about 80% of all mutual funds in the long haul. Actually it has to do with the fact I’m lazy and Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) is one of themes to my investments. I enjoy the concept that I only have to look at my investments once a year if I want to.
  3. I do not pay myself first (beyond my RRSP’s). Most people have set up automatic transfers to their savings accounts to ensure they save money from their pay cheques. I don’t use them. Instead I pay myself last. At the end of the month I transfer all the excess out of my chequing account. Why? I almost always exceed my minimum savings target each month.
  4. I never lie on my taxes, but it has nothing to do with being honest. I rather do it so I can avoid the mountain of paperwork that would follow in an audit.
  5. My three year old son is apparently taking notes. His aunt was over on a visit and decided to give him a loonie. After sayings “Thanks” he rushed upstairs and put it in his piggy bank. I was very proud to realize that I’m managing to raise a habitable saver.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger – Part II”

  1. Well I expect he will want to explore the world a bit during his younger days. We should likely push it off to 30 just to be safe. *grin*

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