Book Reivew: Living Well on a Shoestring

I passed Living Well on a Shoestring from the editors of Yankee magazine while looking for books at my library the other day so I picked it up and gave it a chance. Overall the book does have lots of ideas on how to save money for all sorts of different things. I even found a great idea on using metal cookie cutters to make fun shaped pancakes for my son.

Yet the book was written in the format of just a endless series of tips which just got boring to read after a while. Perhaps after reading the Tightwad Gazette I’ve been spoiled. The Tightwad Gazette managed to give tips and recipes in a humorous and entertaining format along with discussions on the mindset of a tightwad. I found Living Well on a Shoestring lacking that humor so it turned into a stale read for me very fast. Additionally the book is focused on the US market so it tends to have entire sections that are not useful for Canadian readers.

So if your looking for new frugal ideas you might want to give this one a chance, but in reality the Tightwad Gazette is a much better read with more tips overall.