Intoducing Tools & Upcoming Posts

Well after dragging my heals on this for far too long I got a request the other day to put up a Tools page to provide useful links for anyone wanting to retire early. So I sat down last night and dug up most of my most loved links. You will find help there for OAS, CPP, retirement calculators and a mortgage calculator. Just use the Tools link in the header above to check it out.

I’m also giving you all the heads up that I sat down and looked at my back log of ideas and started up a rough schedule for March. I’ve already got 80% of the month planned. So here’s a preview of what’s coming up in March:

  • A book review of one of the most debated books out there Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
  • A couple of new interviews with everyday people (ie: they haven’t written a book or have a blog on personal finance).
  • A series of posts on the working poor. How can you save to retire when you are just trying to get everyone fed and pay the rent?
  • A new version of the popular series of posts “How Much Do You Need to Retire” in which I update my current situation and provide more information on how others can plan their retirement.