The Water War Goes Public

As if writing about my goals to reduce my water bill on this blog wasn’t public enough. I’m now in the National Post about it. Read here.

I should point out Karen got a few things a little wrong, but it was a short interview, so I can’t blame her.  To clarify: my current home is my second house and I only have replaced one toilet so far, but I’m replacing my second this spring.  Yet I have also replaced all my shower heads with low flow versions to save money.

4 thoughts on “The Water War Goes Public”

  1. Congrats! Speaking from experience, being published in a newspaper will bring you one step closer to stardom lol. 😉

    More people should focus on doing good things for our environment (and lowering their bills). Exposing these realities and solutions will only help motivate others to do so.


  2. Guinness,

    None. My wife got me one since I was home sick for most of the weekend.


    I had to laugh of all the posts to show up in some Google search it’s one on water that gets me an interview.


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