Get Love and Give Love

So I got a nice surprise at work yesterday to show I’m loved.  I’m getting a bonus cheque for about $1500.  Now normally I can have this applied directly to my RRSP account, but this year I’m not.  Why?  Because I’m getting the money at the end of March.  Not so useful for a tax refund for the 2007 tax year.

To solve this little problem I just tapped our saving account and issued myself a RRSP loan for $1500.  That way I get the tax back in a few months rather than next year.  So I’m very happy about that.

Then to give a little love I gave my wife the best present of all for Valentine’s Day: me.  I took off today so with Monday’s holiday (Family Day) we will now have a whole four days together.  I just love extra long weekends! Please note this also means I won’t be doing a post for Monday.

To everyone who has the long weekend, enjoy yourself.