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So it occurs to me despite everyone learning a little bit about me from my various post I really never really given you a good idea of who the hell am I and how these posts come together. So let’s pull back the curtain and show you a little bit behind the show.

This blog is usually written in the early morning. The house is quiet and I can actually finish a full cup of coffee while writing my daily post. The only sounds are the furnace cutting in, the hum of the computer and the running water from the fish tank filter in the other room. Sometimes I get inspired at work during my lunch hour or at home in the evening and start a draft of a post, but often the entire things comes right out of my head first thing in the morning.

I write this almost always on the desktop because I rather like the effect of the cabinet where the computer is kept in. It creates a little screen with it doors open so most of my field of vision is forced to look at the screen. I usually write for about an hour in the morning. Then with a short edit I hit the publish button.  Then I go get dressed for work and grab some breakfast.  Isn’t it interesting to know that I have written most of these posts while I’m in my PJ’s and a house coat?

I get my ideas for this blog from just about anything. News articles, other blogs, little events that happen to me or people I know. Sometimes the ideas are flowing so fast I have to record them in my notebook to track them all. Other times my ideas dry up for a week and I use some of my backlog for a while.

Other ideas come from books. I am typically reading up to five books at once on various topics at any given time. I like to keep at least two books going at all times. One to be a more serious read and another to be lighter entertainment reading. So depending on my mood I can pick up something a little heavier or lighter. I would estimate in total I spend at least a hour or two reading a book each day. As such my reading rate is fairly fast and I can often finish a novel in three evenings (with the exception of anything by Tad Williams who’s books always seem to number around 800+ pages, then I likely need four evenings).

Reading topics include just about everything.  My wife and I tend to read different topics, yet we both encourage the other to read some additional material that isn’t in our normal scope.  So I do read a fair amount of business/personal finance books, but they are not my main topic by any means.

I hope you enjoyed the short tour behind the blog.  Let me know if you have any questions.

7 thoughts on “Behind the Blog”

  1. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes. and nice to see you can polish off a bookl in a short time too.

    Blogging without a notebook is like giving a speeches without any notes or preparation daily. I have a notebook too that is full of unposted topics and ideas waiting to be slotted into a workable schedule.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. In my cause usually is during my lunch time. I spent some time reading blogs and news and then get some inspiration. I just save as a draft and later on I will publish 🙂

    As I wake up almost at the time to come to work I don’t have as much time as I need (Ok, it is only a question to wake up earlier, but I really cant as I go to bed around midnight)

    By the way, you said personal finance book is not your topic by any means. Is there an special reason for this? And which books of PF do you recommend?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Gean,

    I said PF books are not my main topic for reading. It’s mostly because I spend so much time on this site/reading other PF blogs I can’t handle reading that many PF books. I get PF overload. I still manage about 1 or 2 PF books a month. As for my thoughts on books look at the ‘Book Review’ category.


  4. I tend to post in the evenings while watching TV, we organized the living room so I could see the TV from where I use the computer. If I’m not posting than I surf the web from the couch. I can post form there but it’s a pain using the finger pad.

  5. Mornings too! My Happy Hour with a clear mind.
    I am still in the process of converting media; writing years worth of paper journal entries into an electronic blog.
    Our collective knowledge and wisdom is astounding and sharing it can only be of benefit.

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